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Sorry, I can’t agree with this one.

To start, I’ve been chasing a 1 year old around, and that’s enough to exhaust anyone. In addition to paging thru a manual – several times, because I can’t imagine the answer isn’t clearly indicated – I have to sit down and write an email. Then wait for a response.

But in the first response, in 57 words I had my answer. In the second response, it took you 41 words to try to be my friend.

It then took another 43 words to get me to the answer.

It took you 84 words just to get to the solution, and then I had to slog thru another two paragraphs to realize that you really don’t give a damn about my troubles, you just want me to buy another phone because this one will shortly be crap.

By this time, the kid has slobbered all over the remote, dripped juice in the dvd, and yanked out half the whiskers on the cat.

You’re lucky there is a screen, because I’d have my hands around your throat.

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Another voice

Seems Joel is thinking the same thing.

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I signed up for the eagerly awaited 30boxes beta, and I must say…

It’s a disappointment.

It seems the only thing different about it is its ability to shorthand one’s posting. But there are so many basics missing for something that just came out. What about repeating events that don’t follow a very common but not necessarily commonly used every day, week, or month pattern? Looking at their message board, something like this is a frequent request. So why was something that seems that basic left out? What’s the fancy footwork that took its place in the list of features to get done before launch? That I can share my calendar with my “buddy”?

Sorry, just not worth the extra work it will require to make up for what’s not yet there. I can already do it in Yahoo – I would at least expect it to do what Yahoo already does.

I’m hoping for major changes. And soon…

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Could Your Best New Hire Be a “Recareering Boomer” |

Companies that don’t take advantage of recareering individuals are missing the mark. Speaking from experience, there are a lot of baby boomers with talents that could easily be translated to new careers, and it’s coupled with a desire to grow and learn not just for a certain pay scale, but for the passion. Experienced, intelligent, focused, and motivated makes for an unbeatable combination.

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