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LifeHacker: Set up a healthy, usable workspace

We spend a lot of time at Lifehacker helping you make the most of your computer, including how to make the most of the workspace surrounding your computer. After all, you don’t work in a computer – you work at one. That’s why today, in the spirit of our ongoing Coolest Workspace Contest, we’re taking a step back to examine your physical workspace.
What I need is healthy, usable workspace(s). I just can’t stand to be confined to one space for such a long time, plus being a consultant, well, I’m all over the place. So I’m working on: what needs to be in a permanent place because it’s too large, too hard to move, more trouble than it’s work to move, etc? What can be moved and what’s the best way to make it portable and easily available?

I’m still working on it. Since, you know, you need to add in “and what does it cost to do that?”

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