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A community evangelist is not a glorified sales job. Most of the ads I see are focusing on…let’s face it, glorified sales.

A community evangelist has to have the ear of the boss but the heart of the community. Needs to know how the company wants to profit, but also what the community is willing to spend their money on. It’s bringing those two desires together in a mutually satisfying way. Sort of like a marriage counselor, if you think about it.

Let’s face it – difficult to do when only one of the parties is providing you with a paycheck.

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Let me choose

Official Google Blog: Our commitment to open broadband platforms

Open devices: consumers should be able to utilize their handheld communications device with whatever wireless network they prefer

Yes! I’ve been waiting forever to have the same choices on wireless that I have on my landline phone. I can choose the make, color, features, price – whatever I want. Come home and plug it in. And it works. Nobody telling me that because I live in this town, or use this carrier, I can only choose between 2 or 3 of the hundreds of choices that are out there.

I’ll never believe that the restrictions that have been imposed were not primarily to make somebody richer than they need to be.

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Driving at the actual posted speed limit. What a concept.

Will no more tailgating be next? No more inch-to-spare merging? No more invisible turn signals? Might drivers actually look at each other someday and wave – with ALL their fingers?

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Digitally Dabbling

According to this site about building your brand, my results are as follows:

Your online identity score is 6.5 out of a possible score of 10.

You are digitally dabbling. There is some on-brand information on the Web about you, but you need to work to build your volume of relevant results. Fortunately, this is an easy fix.

I didn’t expect anything near that result. And was surprised by some of the sites where I’m mentioned.

I guess I need to focus on some PR. I may not have as far to travel as I think!

Google yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised.

From Micro Persuasion, thru Ian

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Wired for Focus

Chimps and children

“The chimps were focused on finding the fastest way to achieve the goal,
while the children were more interested in recreating the process they
had previously seen.”

Interesting, no?

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Another Web2.0 doc editor

Buzzword Launches Social Features with Zoho Writer Rival

We keep getting closer to no major software upgrades on your machine, no compatibility dance, no license sudokus. Nice.

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Intuitive desktop

Watching this video is certainly entertaining, like watching a magician’s sleight of hand. And, I’m afraid, that may be the biggest appeal here for me. I can see myself bumping and stacking things just to see it done – it looks so intriguing. But, except for using it with pictures, I can’t see that it would help me find any files, or organize better.

BumpTop: an intuitive desktop | How to be an Original

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