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Got a Secret?

The ACLU moves for public release of all or parts of documents regarding how much surveillance is being allowed by the government. Just how much authority should the government have in listening to calls and reading e-mail? Inquiring minds want to know…



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Second Thoughts

I like Chris Brogan. Love his blog. Lots of info and other good stuff.

So, he points to Jon Ray, and his great new blog. Because it’s Chris, I check it out, knowing it will probably have some good stuff there, too. But I chose to click on his first link, which is about Jon and his company – to see the person behind the blog I’m checking out, the one he’s suddenly started.

Um. Well, I can’t tell you what my first impression was. But all that was rolling around in my head was WTF? Did I really need to see this? What’s the message? Do I even care what the message is? Do I care what you can do for me? Do I worry where your mind might… lead?

I’m sure a lot of people will think it’s great. Oh, how clever, and all that. But you know… I’m not sure it’s worth the risk. Making a potential client want to barf, and all.

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