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American lawbreaking

Interesting. But not surprising. Look at how fast the internet has changed, and our perceptions of society, privacy, copyright, and other issues along with it. And how many times are things considered just too expensive or time-consuming to pursue?

American lawbreaking: – By Tim Wu – Slate Magazine

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OpenOffice nod

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The best known Office alternative is still, which also includes word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, but it also throws a database application (Base), a vector-graphics program (Draw), and a mathematical formula tool (Math) into the mix. The open-source productivity suite is based on StarOffice, now owned by Sun Microsystems.

My favorite feature in word processing is sections, which allows you to piece together parts of a document.

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Oops, what did I say?

The News Journal, Wilmington, Del. ¦ Freedom of speech? … better ask your boss:

The U.S. Constitution’s free speech protections apply only to action by the government.

What you say at the water cooler is not as protected as you think. And what you say on your blog – even in your email – may no be protected either. So just how “free” is speech?

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Google Your Next Lawyer

Google is only lawyer directory to bother with : Real Lawyers Have Blogs:

The days of a lawyer directory portal site where Internet users go to look up lawyers are coming to an end.

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And you think you’ve got storage problems

White House ordered to back up e-mail | CNET

“Today’s order is an important and necessary first step toward restoring and preserving for the public all the records of this administration, not just those self-elected for preservation,” CREW said in a statement.

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AP Sues News Aggregator

Associated Press sues news aggregator | OUT-LAW.COM

The case seeks unspecified damages against Moreover and an injunction stopping it from using AP material. It claims both copyright and trade mark infringement.

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Thinking in Stages

From early stage ideas to the finished project, thinking in stages can foster creativity.

The Marketing Message Blog: Creativity -Great Minds Do Think Alike Part 1.

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