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Social media and social networking trends for 2008

Two of the predictions I like:

  • the companies that will not use social media tools to make the
    voice of their customers heard will lose in front of competition
  • though the young population, so far the major social media
    catalyst, will still represent the greatest number of online newcomers,
    in 2008 a more mature population will join

You’ve got to get involved with social media or find yourself in your private sanctum, waiting for guests to arrive that will never show – they’re down the street attending the party where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. They don’t care about your opinion, they want you to listen to their opinion, and they want to hear from others who don’t have a purely profit-motivated reason to speak.

Joining the younger and older population together will – hopefully – get us back to the days when the stories were passed down from generation to generation that made our collective history. Building on the past always creates a stronger entity than one that is constantly torn down and built again. Old lessons are lost, meaning old mistakes are made again. And a different way of looking at things can show surprising and unanticipated results. Combining the two perspectives can create something wonderful.

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