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Google Sites

The Google Sites software allows groups of users to easily create Web documents that include text, images, videos, spreadsheets and other types of documents. Initially, it will be aimed at business users and is being housed in Google’s enterprise group.

Google Goes After Another Microsoft Cash Cow – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog

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Google Docs: Comparing Files

How to Compare Files in Google Docs

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Taking to the AIR

“On Monday, Mr. Lynch, who was recently named the chief technology officer at Adobe Systems, which bought Macromedia in 2005, will release the official version of AIR, a software development system that will power potentially tens of thousands of applications that merge the Internet and the PC, as well as blur the distinctions between PCs and new computing devices like smartphones.”

Not having access to all my data whenever I need it has been a pet peeve of mine. Before wireless, it was really a problem, as I was stuck in one place to do my work and that wasn’t always the most convenient place if the reference material I needed was in different place. Hopefully, Adobe AIR will do as much for the knowledge worker and traveler as wireless has done.

Adobe Blurs Line Between PC and Web – New York Times

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Corporate Email

Communication through a client’s corporate email may fail the attorney-client privilege tests.
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In Scott v. Beth
Israel Med. Ctr. Inc.
, 17 Misc3d 934, 847 NYS2d 436 (Sup. Ct., N.Y. County 2007), the
court essentially issued a warning to all New York counsel not to communicate by e-mail with
clients via their work e-mail address or risk disclosure of such information in a litigation with
their client’s employer.
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Co-workers, Tech Style

Do your co-workers have to be from the same company? Do they have to be from a “company” at all? Welcome to a new way of working. Sharing space, ideas, tech tips and bandwidth, laptop warriors are creating their own kind of work environment.

They’re Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side – New York Times

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Pay attention to your “office influentials”. They’re the ones who will be of far more help to you than the $$$ a day trainer you’ll hire to demonstrate the new tools you’ve purchased to help your other employees communicate. Yes, you often need a trainer for their expertise in how they teach, but they eventually have to leave (or you need to put them on the payroll.) It’s your “office influentials” that will keep the flow going, push through to greater usage and quicker adoption, and be able to encourage the newcomers.

Office Influentials, Coming To A Workplace Near You at Experience Matters

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My Tools: Make The Web Your Office

I’ve been using both Google Docs and Zoho. While they my still have improvements to make for power users, for day-to-day users they’re just as good as installed applications – and remember, they’re still in beta. The nicest feature? Even when they become paid applications, the cost savings in not having to purchase upgrades every year, plus the time savings in not having to download and install upgrades (and the time spent on your knees praying they will work on your computer) should be a considerable savings.

First, Put Your SKU in a Box: Will Web Office Apps Ever See Widespread Adoption? – ReadWriteWeb

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