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Tips for Using Social Networks for Business

Lots of good tips on using social networks in business.
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Maintain your social network periodically – once a month, upload your contacts to Linkedin or Facebook and invite relevant people to your circle of contacts. discipline is the secret. You can reduce the effort required by uploading all your contacts to gmail or yahoo mail, and let the networks retrieve the information from there. It takes less time than uploading your address book to each platform separately.
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My Tools: FeedDemon

Keeping up with your industry means keeping up with news feeds. One of the best feed readers I’ve used is FeedDemon, which is now free. With various ways to sort your feeds and an included browser within which to open links, this has made my workday run a lot smoother. And one of the best features is called “Hit The Panic Button” – for those days when your feeds threaten to overwhelm you.

FeedDemon for Windows -Award-winning RSS Reader and News Feed Reader

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GrandCentral’s Blogger Integration

GrandCentral Announces Blogger Integration

Today, they released a new version of the WebCall button for use on Blogger powered blogs so that your readers can easily leave voicemail or call you directly from your site without seeing your phone number.

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My Tools: Remember The Milk

Out of all the task listing-type things I’ve tried, I keep returning to Remember The Milk. Why? Because you can

  • integrate with Google Calendar
  • receive reminders via email, SMS, and IM (like AIM, Yahoo, Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, or Jabber)
  • collaborate by sharing tasks
  • set tasks to repeat
  • create your own Smart Lists by setting your own search criteria
  • integrate your tasks with maps to better organize your errands or appointments
  • just make simple lists, or add notes to your tasks to better define them
  • create a task cloud to see where most of your efforts go
  • set priorities
  • print lists, or take them with you on your mobile phone
  • use with iPhone/iPod touch (ok, I don’t have either, but it’s a real advantage for those who do so I thought I would mention it.)

Remember The Milk

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Learn the Power of Social Media

Executives Must Realize and Learn the Power of Social Media

Senior marketing executives in several countries agree that the use of social media for corporate, brand and product marketing is not a passing fad, according to research sponsored by TNS media intelligence/Cymfony. In fact, nearly 50% believe it is a vital component of corporate communications that should be monitored at the executive level and allocated significant resources.

Think you have a great product or service? Why not create a video to post on YouTube? A blog to communicate with customers about how great it is? Twitter a word-of-mouth campaign?

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