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My Tools: Remember The Milk

Out of all the task listing-type things I’ve tried, I keep returning to Remember The Milk. Why? Because you can

  • integrate with Google Calendar
  • receive reminders via email, SMS, and IM (like AIM, Yahoo, Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, or Jabber)
  • collaborate by sharing tasks
  • set tasks to repeat
  • create your own Smart Lists by setting your own search criteria
  • integrate your tasks with maps to better organize your errands or appointments
  • just make simple lists, or add notes to your tasks to better define them
  • create a task cloud to see where most of your efforts go
  • set priorities
  • print lists, or take them with you on your mobile phone
  • use with iPhone/iPod touch (ok, I don’t have either, but it’s a real advantage for those who do so I thought I would mention it.)

Remember The Milk

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