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Six Rules for Leveraging Technology In Your Business

A picture of a correction tape dispenserImage via WikipediaSome of the best reasons I’ve seen – especially the first one. Businesses usually look at technology as a cost when they are failing to use all that it can provide. Yes, a computer is a big expense when your use of it is as a typewriter that uses less correction tape. But add spreadsheets (with more functions than just a calculator), contact management (beats a rollodex every time), and database (3×5 cards? really?) and you cut costs substantially.Not to mention time.

  • Spend money on your technology as an investment – not as a cost
  • Email is NOT CRM
  • Web 2.0 is no joke
  • Mobile technology empowers small businesses
  • Outsource
  • Don’t technologize a bad business process

Six Rules for Leveraging Technology In Your Business

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Office 2.0: Working Online

Interesting interview with Mr. Office 2.0. Seems he now has all his work online, not on his computer, so he has access from anywhere. Connectivity is good almost anywhere in the world. Larger companies are showing interest, although the smaller companies and independents are lagging behind – a switch on the usual.

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Social Media Helps In Disaster Area

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Getting information out to victims and their families during a disaster is a major issue for any relief organization. So while the Central United States recovers from a spate of storms that has ravaged towns with tornadoes and flooding, the American Red Cross is relying on a number of web 2.0 technologies to spread information to the press and people affected by the severe weather. The online newsroom that the organization has set up relies on a number of web 2.0 widgets.

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Knowledge Workers and Productivity

Excellent points from Stowe in analysis of the Matt Richtell piece on knowledge workers and interruption.

/Message: Overload, Schmoverload: The Myth Of Personal Productivity

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Google Docs Adds PDF Support

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With Google Docs support for PDF files, you can upload, preview and share PDFs. You can’t yet edit them, but there is the ability to copy and paste text in another document file type or application. The preview capability is pretty similar to what you’d see on Google Books preview, and operates nearly the same as your typical PDF preview viewer. Users with whom you’ve shared the PDF document have the option of downloading the file as well.
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Social Networking for Lawyers

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Some people question the value of professional networking sites, given that a critical mass has yet to join them. But to my mind, avoiding social networking until it becomes widespread makes no more sense than waiting to launch a blog until everyone else has one. Would you rather lead the pack or trail behind it?

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So, Best Buy is testing a recycling program. Nice, but it’s at only 117 US stores. Hardly seems worth knowing about it unless you’re in the local area.

How about every store helping customers locate local agencies that would be willing to take used equipment? Shelters, churches, non-profit agencies would have a place to advertise what they need. Customers would be glad to find a place to get rid of their old stuff. And there may even be a tax deduction in it.

Although it does remind me of Dave Barry’s book, Dave Barry In Cyberspace, where he talks about buying a computer and then throwing it in the bin outside the store as you leave – because it’s already obsolete.

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