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Coaching, tutoring, teaching…there are many words to describe how one person helps another attain proficiency in a chosen project. No matter what you choose to call it, sharing knowledge regarding technology is challenging, exciting, frustrating, compelling, daunting – all at once. The world open to us through the use of technology and the internet have made changes few of us could ever have anticipated. But it is a world we need to navigate. Encouraging you to find and use tools to organize and manage that world is what I do.

I started with computers when the first desktops went on the market (we’re talking DOS here, people.) I was working in a law office, and wow, did that make the assembly of legal documents easier! Several years later I went to work for a company that created software so that real estate settlements could be done on laptop computers. I was responsible for all installation and training, and eventually became a vice president in that company. All before the advent of that strange way of computing using “Windows”. Which changed everything…

When Windows came on the scene, office technology took a radical turn. Excited by the changes, I experimented with just about everything, and each step led me to better tools to accomplish objectives and get things done. And with each step, people around me would ask “How did you DO that?” – so in 1998, I decided to show those who wondered, who wanted a better way, who needed a guide, just how fascinating and productive these digital tools can be. From the physical desktop, to the screen desktop, to the virtual desktop, I’m still opening doors and saying “hey, check THIS out!”

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