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Sorry, I can’t agree with this one.

To start, I’ve been chasing a 1 year old around, and that’s enough to exhaust anyone. In addition to paging thru a manual – several times, because I can’t imagine the answer isn’t clearly indicated – I have to sit down and write an email. Then wait for a response.

But in the first response, in 57 words I had my answer. In the second response, it took you 41 words to try to be my friend.

It then took another 43 words to get me to the answer.

It took you 84 words just to get to the solution, and then I had to slog thru another two paragraphs to realize that you really don’t give a damn about my troubles, you just want me to buy another phone because this one will shortly be crap.

By this time, the kid has slobbered all over the remote, dripped juice in the dvd, and yanked out half the whiskers on the cat.

You’re lucky there is a screen, because I’d have my hands around your throat.


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