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The Power of the Social Media Embrace

An inflamed match.Image via WikipediaHow one site, one artist and one belief in the power of cooperation created a phenomenon of integrity and sharing.

The Story of the Fail Whale – ReadWriteWeb

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Google Sites

The Google Sites software allows groups of users to easily create Web documents that include text, images, videos, spreadsheets and other types of documents. Initially, it will be aimed at business users and is being housed in Google’s enterprise group.

Google Goes After Another Microsoft Cash Cow – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog

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Co-workers, Tech Style

Do your co-workers have to be from the same company? Do they have to be from a “company” at all? Welcome to a new way of working. Sharing space, ideas, tech tips and bandwidth, laptop warriors are creating their own kind of work environment.

They’re Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side – New York Times

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Pay attention to your “office influentials”. They’re the ones who will be of far more help to you than the $$$ a day trainer you’ll hire to demonstrate the new tools you’ve purchased to help your other employees communicate. Yes, you often need a trainer for their expertise in how they teach, but they eventually have to leave (or you need to put them on the payroll.) It’s your “office influentials” that will keep the flow going, push through to greater usage and quicker adoption, and be able to encourage the newcomers.

Office Influentials, Coming To A Workplace Near You at Experience Matters

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Google and Facebook Join

Things are turning in a good direction with the participation of Google and Facebook in the Dataportability project. With Plaxo, these are three of the most used sites where people are depositing contact information, events, favorite things – the kind of data you would share with “friends”. Having to re-enter this info is time-consuming, and checking that everything is correct is annoying. Being able to take a copy of all this data and paste it into another site will be a welcome relief – as long as I’m the one doing it, and I’m sure of the security where it’s going.

Bombshell: Google and Facebook Join – ReadWriteWeb

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A No Show?

A major conference, and advertising. All on a “can you come”, and a “maybe”? No written communication clearly spelling out what’s expected, with dates, times, accommodations, etc.?

This isn’t a “having a get-together, can you stop by” kind of thing. People’s reputations are damaged, people’s wallets are emptied, and a lot of people end up disappointed. How does that reflect on you? How does that reflect on the conference organizer?

Do you keep in mind the business end of things when putting together, or participating in, a conference? Whether you’re a “big name” or new at the game, you should.

CrunchNotes » Blogworld

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Web access and a mission

Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online | WebProNews

The power of some disgruntled fans with web access and a mission. This is a good example of the change the connectedness of the web brings – the old-fashioned letter-writing campaign in hyperdrive.

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