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Computer Misuse and Ethical Sanctions

INTERNET LAW – Legal and Ethical Implications of Computer Misuse by Attorneys

A major culprit in the proliferation of computer-based crimes is the tendency by many individuals to allow easy access to their computer and e-mail passwords. In many cases, passwords are shared with a number of people or may be too obvious. In particular, firms should institute a policy against using easy-to-detect passwords such as last names, the firm’s name, or the individual’s birthday as a password.

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Got a Secret?

The ACLU moves for public release of all or parts of documents regarding how much surveillance is being allowed by the government. Just how much authority should the government have in listening to calls and reading e-mail? Inquiring minds want to know…


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Employee Behavior and Security Breaches

Discover security breach, blame the co-workers? | CNET

The most frustrating problem for IT managers is employee behavior (cited by nearly a third of managers), followed by security not being high enough on the corporate agenda and then budget constraints.

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