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Thank you, Robert

Thank you, Robert, for adding the human element that this new net world is craving. It’s so difficult to keep the small-town community feel that many seem to want when it needs to be spread over a surface the size of our globe. Articles like this help us to see the person behind to headlines, to see the flaws yet not diminish the respect earned. You have such a talent for this, for humanizing, yet not tarnishing, the icons we create.

The shy Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger


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Google and Facebook Join

Things are turning in a good direction with the participation of Google and Facebook in the Dataportability project. With Plaxo, these are three of the most used sites where people are depositing contact information, events, favorite things – the kind of data you would share with “friends”. Having to re-enter this info is time-consuming, and checking that everything is correct is annoying. Being able to take a copy of all this data and paste it into another site will be a welcome relief – as long as I’m the one doing it, and I’m sure of the security where it’s going.

Bombshell: Google and Facebook Join – ReadWriteWeb

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Social media and social networking trends for 2008

Two of the predictions I like:

  • the companies that will not use social media tools to make the
    voice of their customers heard will lose in front of competition
  • though the young population, so far the major social media
    catalyst, will still represent the greatest number of online newcomers,
    in 2008 a more mature population will join

You’ve got to get involved with social media or find yourself in your private sanctum, waiting for guests to arrive that will never show – they’re down the street attending the party where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. They don’t care about your opinion, they want you to listen to their opinion, and they want to hear from others who don’t have a purely profit-motivated reason to speak.

Joining the younger and older population together will – hopefully – get us back to the days when the stories were passed down from generation to generation that made our collective history. Building on the past always creates a stronger entity than one that is constantly torn down and built again. Old lessons are lost, meaning old mistakes are made again. And a different way of looking at things can show surprising and unanticipated results. Combining the two perspectives can create something wonderful.

Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Social media and social networking trends for 2008

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Will Social Media make us more social…or less?

Tis the season for holiday parties: office parties, neighborhood gatherings, open houses, family dinners. A lot of social activity with a lot of people. While some people seem to thrive on this, many others would, given the choice, be anywhere but there.

Why is this? First, for the more formal occasions you need to dress appropriately – which is usually not in your most comfortable clothes. You need to mind your manners, bring the right gifts, thank the right people. Watch what you say. Talk to people you don’t like. Pretend that you’re having a good time, and not leave too soon, no matter how lousy the party.

The informal gatherings make it a little easier because you can dress casual/comfortable and only the most basic of manners are expected. But you’re often sharing the room with people you’re not too fond of, or don’t know – and don’t care to know. The only connection may be the proximity of your houses and you may have nothing more in common. What if you enjoy the company of one, but can’t stand their significant other?

Now let’s take a look at a social media gathering. First, you show up (login) when you want, and leave (logoff) when you want. You view only the videos that interest you, read only the tweets that interest you, listen to only the verbal posts that interest you. The rest you leave alone, with no apologies to anyone. Start watching, find it boring, turn it off. No obligation to explain to the other party why you suddenly turned your back and walked away. Imagine putting your hand over someone’s mouth to shut them up in real life.

If the videos are too long, the audios aren’t entertaining, the writing is boring, you stop. No apologies, no excuses, no explanations. No worrying about whose feelings you may be hurting and whether you’ll be running into them at the local coffee shop. No repercussions.

But will this make us better as a society? Or will it make us less tolerant? Will we become unable to look beyond our own demands?

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A No Show?

A major conference, and advertising. All on a “can you come”, and a “maybe”? No written communication clearly spelling out what’s expected, with dates, times, accommodations, etc.?

This isn’t a “having a get-together, can you stop by” kind of thing. People’s reputations are damaged, people’s wallets are emptied, and a lot of people end up disappointed. How does that reflect on you? How does that reflect on the conference organizer?

Do you keep in mind the business end of things when putting together, or participating in, a conference? Whether you’re a “big name” or new at the game, you should.

CrunchNotes » Blogworld

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Social Features in Email?

Most users I come in contact with are still trying to get a handle on email – how to set it up, how to bcc, how to weed out the spam. But despite the confusion, they are trying, because they see what a great tool it is. Making the leap to social networking like Facebook and MySpace is just too great for them, and they see little value. But I think combining the practicality of email and the added social features of Facebook will be a communication tool they can wrap their minds around.

Will Social Features Make Email Sexy Again? –

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Web access and a mission

Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online | WebProNews

The power of some disgruntled fans with web access and a mission. This is a good example of the change the connectedness of the web brings – the old-fashioned letter-writing campaign in hyperdrive.

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