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Six Rules for Leveraging Technology In Your Business

A picture of a correction tape dispenserImage via WikipediaSome of the best reasons I’ve seen – especially the first one. Businesses usually look at technology as a cost when they are failing to use all that it can provide. Yes, a computer is a big expense when your use of it is as a typewriter that uses less correction tape. But add spreadsheets (with more functions than just a calculator), contact management (beats a rollodex every time), and database (3×5 cards? really?) and you cut costs substantially.Not to mention time.

  • Spend money on your technology as an investment – not as a cost
  • Email is NOT CRM
  • Web 2.0 is no joke
  • Mobile technology empowers small businesses
  • Outsource
  • Don’t technologize a bad business process

Six Rules for Leveraging Technology In Your Business

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So, Best Buy is testing a recycling program. Nice, but it’s at only 117 US stores. Hardly seems worth knowing about it unless you’re in the local area.

How about every store helping customers locate local agencies that would be willing to take used equipment? Shelters, churches, non-profit agencies would have a place to advertise what they need. Customers would be glad to find a place to get rid of their old stuff. And there may even be a tax deduction in it.

Although it does remind me of Dave Barry’s book, Dave Barry In Cyberspace, where he talks about buying a computer and then throwing it in the bin outside the store as you leave – because it’s already obsolete.

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Do You Have That Portable in a Midsize? – New York Times

Intel has persevered, arguing that there is a “use case” — the technology industry loves jargon — based on the intersection of increasingly accessible broadband wireless networks and the Web. We are going to want the Web wherever we are. Think location, location, location.

Do You Have That Portable in a Midsize? – New York Times


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Taking to the AIR

“On Monday, Mr. Lynch, who was recently named the chief technology officer at Adobe Systems, which bought Macromedia in 2005, will release the official version of AIR, a software development system that will power potentially tens of thousands of applications that merge the Internet and the PC, as well as blur the distinctions between PCs and new computing devices like smartphones.”

Not having access to all my data whenever I need it has been a pet peeve of mine. Before wireless, it was really a problem, as I was stuck in one place to do my work and that wasn’t always the most convenient place if the reference material I needed was in different place. Hopefully, Adobe AIR will do as much for the knowledge worker and traveler as wireless has done.

Adobe Blurs Line Between PC and Web – New York Times

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Co-workers, Tech Style

Do your co-workers have to be from the same company? Do they have to be from a “company” at all? Welcome to a new way of working. Sharing space, ideas, tech tips and bandwidth, laptop warriors are creating their own kind of work environment.

They’re Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side – New York Times

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Technology Risks Warping the Law

How should the Supreme Court react to the inevitability of technological change, knowing full well that it cannot predict the future any better than the rest of us? The answer to dealing with emerging technologies may lie in the Roberts Court’s professed inclination toward judicial modesty.

Technology Risks Warping the Law
Tue, 29 Jan 2008 05:15:23 GMT

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Free My Phone

I have long been lamenting the impossibility of being able to use the cell phone I want.

Free My Phone | Mossblog | Walt Mossberg | AllThingsD

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