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Pay attention to your “office influentials”. They’re the ones who will be of far more help to you than the $$$ a day trainer you’ll hire to demonstrate the new tools you’ve purchased to help your other employees communicate. Yes, you often need a trainer for their expertise in how they teach, but they eventually have to leave (or you need to put them on the payroll.) It’s your “office influentials” that will keep the flow going, push through to greater usage and quicker adoption, and be able to encourage the newcomers.

Office Influentials, Coming To A Workplace Near You at Experience Matters

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The Conversation Economy

It’s the Conversation Economy, Stupid

It’s the conversation economy, stupid. One of the engines that is driving “2.0” growth is the fact that communities are forming around popular social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Ning, Twitter—the list goes on and on. These platforms facilitate conversation. Conversation leads to relationships and relationships lead to affinity.

You know, it seems the bigger we get, the more extensive our “world”, the more we are looking for the shop on the corner. Where they know you by name, what you like, what you need, what you should see or hear. It’s only the corner, the “General Store”, that’s changed.

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Social networking gaining in popularity in the business arena

Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin, JP Morgan, Ernst & Young and Proctor & Gamble have joined in the social networking game to aid their employees. Finding expertise within the company, discussing new product ideas, and sharing business leads are only a few of the ways this new phase of technology can benefit large and small companies – and even solos.

Corporate social networking startups attract VC funding – Software –

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Can’t get there from here

Why didn’t they do this before? Oh, the hours it may have added to my life…

Google LatLong: How long will it take at rush hour?

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Another Web2.0 doc editor

Buzzword Launches Social Features with Zoho Writer Rival

We keep getting closer to no major software upgrades on your machine, no compatibility dance, no license sudokus. Nice.

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Web 2.0

More and more feeds. Who’s the best for getting this all together? Now with Web 2.0 in the picture, there are even more decisions to make. Just tried Protopage, and now there’s this thing called SuprGlu. Netvibes, too. Where does it all end?

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