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The Conversation Economy

It’s the Conversation Economy, Stupid

It’s the conversation economy, stupid. One of the engines that is driving “2.0” growth is the fact that communities are forming around popular social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Ning, Twitter—the list goes on and on. These platforms facilitate conversation. Conversation leads to relationships and relationships lead to affinity.

You know, it seems the bigger we get, the more extensive our “world”, the more we are looking for the shop on the corner. Where they know you by name, what you like, what you need, what you should see or hear. It’s only the corner, the “General Store”, that’s changed.

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Web Strategy – Serving Your Industry

Web Strategy (Advanced): How to Serve your Entire Industry (Case Study: Data Storage Industry Wiki)

If you’ve not already figured it out, the corporate website is becoming less relevant, and web marketing (and support) has spread off your domain and google results. You also know that prospects trust the opinions of existing customers (who are ‘like them’) far more than marketers, and Facebook let’s these communities of practice assemble, your brand is decentralized –embrace! If you don’t understand these concepts, it’s hard to move forward, please re-read those posts above.

Leave it to Jeremiah to post a clear, concise and understandable example of web strategy and how it can work. It may be labeled advanced, but it still gives direction for smaller companies who are looking for the starting gate – or figuring out why they should be. Even corporations of one can have relevance somewhere.

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Good design helps us all

MIT has developed a software tool that can aid designers to gauge “visual clutter”.

MIT software measures clutter | Tech news blog – CNET

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