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Customer-written copy

With social media, you just may have your customers writing your ads for you.
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5) If you create media that people enjoy and find useful in some way, they are likely to pass it on. Therefore, it is worthwhile seriously thinking about how social media could be incorporated into your business. The beauty of the concept is that through processes such as word of mouth, making a success of social media means sooner or later your audience will start to do the work for you.�
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Social Networking Goes Professional

Social Networking Goes Professional –

Social networking, popularized by teens sharing information with their friends online on Web sites such as Facebook Inc., is now blooming in the business world, thanks to new social networks that enable professionals and executives in industries such as advertising and finance to rub virtual elbows with colleagues.

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Community Evangelist

A community evangelist is not a glorified sales job. Most of the ads I see are focusing on…let’s face it, glorified sales.

A community evangelist has to have the ear of the boss but the heart of the community. Needs to know how the company wants to profit, but also what the community is willing to spend their money on. It’s bringing those two desires together in a mutually satisfying way. Sort of like a marriage counselor, if you think about it.

Let’s face it – difficult to do when only one of the parties is providing you with a paycheck.

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