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Drowning in the Social Media Pool?

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Are you drowning in the pool of social media sites? Twitter, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, YouTube? Well, I’ve got some important advice.

Sign up for more.

Yes, you heard me. More.

Here’s why: Social media isn’t going to disappear. It will, hopefully soon, settle down and get more organized. When it does, you want to be sure you are accurately represented. But in order to do that, you need to take steps now to lay your identity foundation.

Chances are your name is not unique, so when the dust settles and the sites that will be sticking around become apparent, you want to be sure that each of those sites represents YOU. But what happens if someone else has already registered your name?

That doesn’t mean that you need use every site where you’ve registered. But consider the sites you may use in the future, or the sites the people you will be working with may use (usually the most popular sites.) Sign up for those, even if you have no intention of ever sending your BrightKite location. After all, people may follow thinking it IS you, so take steps now to lessen the potential confusion.

Here’s a good place to start: Check that your username isn’t already being used – you may want to consider making a change if your name is already being represented by someone else. Look thru the list for sites where you think you need to be represented (where your clients or friends might be, if they’re not already) and sign up.

It may seem crazy – but a lot easier that dealing with the potential confusion.

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Facebook Growth

On the homepage for Facebook, a login form is ...Image via Wikipedia

Not sure if you should be on Facebook? This might help you decide.

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Attorneys and On-line Networks

Time Matters by LexisNexisImage via WikipediaAlmost 50% of attorneys are joining online social networks according to a survey done by Leader Networks and commissioned by LexisNexis (R) Martindale-Hubbell(R). Although joining and using are very different activities, at this is a substantial degree of interest in a profession that is usually slow to adopt new technologies.

Survey Reveals Growth in Online Professional Networking Among Legal Professionals, Appetite for Lawyer-Specific Networking Solutions

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Thank you, Robert

Thank you, Robert, for adding the human element that this new net world is craving. It’s so difficult to keep the small-town community feel that many seem to want when it needs to be spread over a surface the size of our globe. Articles like this help us to see the person behind to headlines, to see the flaws yet not diminish the respect earned. You have such a talent for this, for humanizing, yet not tarnishing, the icons we create.

The shy Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

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Legal Questions over Facebook Ads?

“The New York law would apply to Facebook users anywhere if the ad were displayed in New York, says McGeveran. He also says that people can sue advertisers who use their names and images without permission under the legal doctrine of missappropriation — “One who appropriates to his own use or benefit the name or likeness of another is subject to liability to the other for an invasion of his privacy.” But unlike celebrities, the average Facebook user would have a hard time proving damages — i.e, that their reputation has been sullied or that they were deprived of endorsement fees.”

Contrary to being a lawless place, the internet may, or may not, be subject to too many laws – and contradictory ones, at that.

Law Blog – : Facebook Faces Legal Questions Over “Facebook Ads”:

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What’s a “fansumer”? Watch this.

Great video with Robert Scoble and Jeremiah Owyang which gives clear explanations and examples of a shift in marketing using MySpace and Facebook, and creating “fansumers”.

And it’s entertaining, too.

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Social Features in Email?

Most users I come in contact with are still trying to get a handle on email – how to set it up, how to bcc, how to weed out the spam. But despite the confusion, they are trying, because they see what a great tool it is. Making the leap to social networking like Facebook and MySpace is just too great for them, and they see little value. But I think combining the practicality of email and the added social features of Facebook will be a communication tool they can wrap their minds around.

Will Social Features Make Email Sexy Again? –

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