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Google Docs Instant Form

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I often use a spreadsheet to create  a form – it’s just much easier than dealing with tabs and tables. Now Google Docs has made it easier still. They noticed that most users searched for “forms” everywhere but their spreadsheets  – so why fight ‘em?  Forms are now accessible directly from your Docs List. And they even made them easier to edit.



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Share The Words

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“The power of Google Docs has, at best, been only partially understood so far. This is a paradigm shift that putting Word online will not come close to. Sure, Google Docs can work as a traditional word processor, and I use it that way sometimes, but the true power is in connectivity. That’s why it is better than Buzzword or other online processors. They understand the idea of word processors, but Google has gone beyond that with Google Docs and changed the ways in which we can work.”

So many of our business documents are snippets and phrases of other business documents. How much time do you or your staff spend reinventing the wheel when putting together a contract or a report? Imagine how much time could be saved with plug-in paragraphs, or easily editable templates?

But, what? You’re not a networking guru, and your office machines can’t talk to each other? No problem. Google Docs and Zoho are two online office sites where you can share your work – and still keep a measure of privacy.

They way we work is changing fast. We need to change with it. Pony Express was created less than 150 years ago, and who uses that anymore?


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Online Documents: Are They Yours, Or Not?

Google Writer as part of the Image by alt text via FlickrWeb Worker Daily » Archive Who Owns Your Online Documents? «

With online office applications improving in quality all the time, they’re rapidly becoming the tool of choice for web workers. Between the ability to access your documents anywhere, the easy sharing, and the automatic backups, I know more and more people who are using these services. But in this rush to go online, we sometimes fail to understand exactly what we’re getting for free. Particularly as these services get used for more business purposes, it’s worth a look at their Terms of Service.

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GrandCentral’s Blogger Integration

GrandCentral Announces Blogger Integration

Today, they released a new version of the WebCall button for use on Blogger powered blogs so that your readers can easily leave voicemail or call you directly from your site without seeing your phone number.

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Google Sites

The Google Sites software allows groups of users to easily create Web documents that include text, images, videos, spreadsheets and other types of documents. Initially, it will be aimed at business users and is being housed in Google’s enterprise group.

Google Goes After Another Microsoft Cash Cow – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog

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Google Docs: Comparing Files

How to Compare Files in Google Docs

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My Tools: Make The Web Your Office

I’ve been using both Google Docs and Zoho. While they my still have improvements to make for power users, for day-to-day users they’re just as good as installed applications – and remember, they’re still in beta. The nicest feature? Even when they become paid applications, the cost savings in not having to purchase upgrades every year, plus the time savings in not having to download and install upgrades (and the time spent on your knees praying they will work on your computer) should be a considerable savings.

First, Put Your SKU in a Box: Will Web Office Apps Ever See Widespread Adoption? – ReadWriteWeb

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