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Looks Good On Paper. But How Does It Actually Work?

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Virtual Assistants often come up when talking about cutting the expenses of a small business or home office. I hear there are a lot of things that a VA can do.  I hear how great they are. What I don’t hear is what, exactly, does anyone have them do? What I don’t hear is any of the details.

  • What does your VA do for you?
  • How often do they work for you?
  • How long have they been working with you?
  • Do you have different VA’s for different projects?
  • How “virtual” are they – in other words, do they not work in your office, but do work close enough to occasionally meet in person?  Are they out-of-state? International?
  • Do you have a contract? If so, how detailed are the tasks/projects listed in it?

I think it’s a great idea. But Virtual Assistants have been in existence for quite some time, yet don’t seem to be catching on that quickly. Maybe there’s an issue of organization, productivity, or experience with technology.

What do you think?

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Six Rules for Leveraging Technology In Your Business

A picture of a correction tape dispenserImage via WikipediaSome of the best reasons I’ve seen – especially the first one. Businesses usually look at technology as a cost when they are failing to use all that it can provide. Yes, a computer is a big expense when your use of it is as a typewriter that uses less correction tape. But add spreadsheets (with more functions than just a calculator), contact management (beats a rollodex every time), and database (3×5 cards? really?) and you cut costs substantially.Not to mention time.

  • Spend money on your technology as an investment – not as a cost
  • Email is NOT CRM
  • Web 2.0 is no joke
  • Mobile technology empowers small businesses
  • Outsource
  • Don’t technologize a bad business process

Six Rules for Leveraging Technology In Your Business

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