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Back to basics

I signed up for Backpack some time ago, but have not been putting a good faith effort to using it. Recently, I tried to remove a list I made on my front page – I didn’t need it anymore and it was cluttering things up. Problem was, I couldn’t remove the damn thing. Apparently, there’s a glitch. WTF?

I can understand there are some things that may not be anticipated, but this seems pretty obvious to me – if you can put something on a page, you should be able to take it off the page. How often do you keep lists in perpetuity?

This is the kind of stuff that disappoints me about programs – in the race to create the newest and brightest, it seems the basics are often overlooked.

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Outlook task hack

Adding notes to Outlook tasks.

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Fun with Firefox

There is the latest in my long list of extensions:

Compact Menu
No Script
Forecast Fox
Bloglines Toolkit
Gmail Delete Button
Session Saver
Google Toolbar
GMail Manager
Tax Mix Plus
Google Safe Browsing

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The new slang

I practice percussive maintenance on a regular basis.

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Eye on…

JotSpot Tracker : sharing Excel spreadsheets

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Web 2.0

More and more feeds. Who’s the best for getting this all together? Now with Web 2.0 in the picture, there are even more decisions to make. Just tried Protopage, and now there’s this thing called SuprGlu. Netvibes, too. Where does it all end?

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Social Filters

Keep an eye on SNARF for Outlook. See also the article in Techworld.

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