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My Moleskine

I like Moleskine. (By this statement, it’s pretty safe to assume that I also follow the teachings of GTD.)

I am a notebook wh… I have more unfilled notebooks then Borders and B&N have on their shelves. So I’ve used a lot of different notebooks.

Why do I come back to my Moleskine? Because it has an elastic band to keep it closed. I’m always throwing it into something, and I like the fact that the pages stay nice and flat when I pull it out again. It also has a ribbon to mark the page where you left off. That means I don’t have to go searching and accidentally come upon a page where, “Good Lord, I wrote that? What the hell was I thinking?” comes to mind.

But mostly I like that little pocket in the back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a dollar or two (or ten!) in there.

That can make my whole day.

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