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Technology Risks Warping the Law

How should the Supreme Court react to the inevitability of technological change, knowing full well that it cannot predict the future any better than the rest of us? The answer to dealing with emerging technologies may lie in the Roberts Court’s professed inclination toward judicial modesty.

Technology Risks Warping the Law
Tue, 29 Jan 2008 05:15:23 GMT


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How to deal with paperwork. Or not.

Incoming paperwork » The Cartoon Blog by Dave Walker

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My Tools:

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New Tools for Google Docs

New Tools Make it Easier to Get Your Files Into Google Docs | Compiler from

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Thank you, Robert

Thank you, Robert, for adding the human element that this new net world is craving. It’s so difficult to keep the small-town community feel that many seem to want when it needs to be spread over a surface the size of our globe. Articles like this help us to see the person behind to headlines, to see the flaws yet not diminish the respect earned. You have such a talent for this, for humanizing, yet not tarnishing, the icons we create.

The shy Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

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The Entrepreneurship Myth

Is being a business owner the dream you think it is? Scott Shane doesn’t think so.

The Entrepreneurship Myth

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Google and Facebook Join

Things are turning in a good direction with the participation of Google and Facebook in the Dataportability project. With Plaxo, these are three of the most used sites where people are depositing contact information, events, favorite things – the kind of data you would share with “friends”. Having to re-enter this info is time-consuming, and checking that everything is correct is annoying. Being able to take a copy of all this data and paste it into another site will be a welcome relief – as long as I’m the one doing it, and I’m sure of the security where it’s going.

Bombshell: Google and Facebook Join – ReadWriteWeb

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